Hello my dear friends!

My name is Flora and painting is my passion😍. I am from Siberia, Russia, currently living in Australia. I have a very international family and it inspired me to create something very special for our daughter Inessa. It was a book about her background, about the cultures, that are a part of her. Inessa's Daddy is from Australia, her Grandfather is from Italy and Grandmother is from Malta, her Mummy is from Russia with Tatar background. Inessa also lived in Germany for the first 3 years of her life. My family and friend were incredibly supportive of my idea, so I've decided to create this website to share my art. I really hope you, my friends, will like it here. With every book I make, I am learning so much about different cultures and it just fascinates me so much how beautiful our world is❤️. 

                                                                with love, Flora Tomassetti